Saturday, May 21, 2016

Who is not listening?

Me:        Hello.

Idiot:     Good morning, Enid.  This is Maria.

Me:        Good afternoon, Maria.

Idiot:     Maria. I said my name.  You don’t listen.

Me:        What can I do for you, Maria?

Idiot:     Yes.  We have a new admission.  Her name is S – M – I -

Me:        Maria, I coordinated and brought that new admission to you earlier.

Idiot:     Oh, that was you?

Me:        That was me.

Idiot:     I don’t know how you say this, but she needs an eye doctor.

Me:        Ophthalmologist.

Idiot:     Eye doctor.  I said the patient needs an eye doctor.

Me:        Fine.

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