Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Two weeks to go and I still have no formal invitation to the wedding of a former coworker.  Am I off the hook?

When she called me in May and invited me to her wedding, I was surprised because we are not close.

She emailed a "Save the Date" picture of her beaming face and the frowning groom and specified that the event was formal.  Ladies are to wear floor-length gowns and men tuxedos.

Not going would be best for me because I will be very uncomfortable there.  The other email recipients included a bunch of people from work who are downright nasty to me.  They might behave themselves at a wedding, but that would show what weak characters they have, severely modifying their behavior based on the situation and not on an internal moral guide.

Plus, money is tight and is better spent on my own bills than thrown away at a wedding for someone I barely know.

Calling the bride to tell her that my invitation never arrived could prompt her to hastily mail one, putting me back on the hook.  If she sent me an invitation and it got lost in the mail, she would call me to find out why she hasn't heard from me, right?  So no invitation and no phonecall indicate that I was cut from the guest list, which is fine by me.

Next time I must remember to never answer the phone when someone calls.

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