Thursday, August 18, 2016

Another Baby on the Way

One of the nastiest nurses confronted me about telling people she was pregnant.  She is new, yet already confident in her behavior.

This atmosphere of confrontations and accusations and severe attitudes is what makes me hate this place.

I had heard she was pregnant from several people.  I had nothing to add to the story.  She's a big woman who wears loose-fitting clothing.  Honestly, she looks no different.  Pregnancy rumors are quite popular here and I pay them little mind.  I was happy to think that she might be missing for a few months on a maternity leave.  But for now, I had to deflect her wrath.

"I do not appreciate people talking about me," she lectured.

"Are you pregnant or not?" I asked.

"How is that any of your business?" she snapped.

"It's not, you're right.  That is a rumor which I chose not to believe because you didn't tell me yourself.  I would have told you 'congratulations' if you told me you were pregnant, but I guess not," I said.

"Why does everyone want to know?" she snapped again.

"Because babies make people happy," I explained, as if this was all innocent.  "In this hospital, they reserve a big conference room and throw extravagant baby showers, fully catered, with everyone chipping in for a big gift, plus a gift card to Babies R Us, while still bringing individual gifts.  It's quite an event.  New moms especially love that a baby shower at this hospital gets them everything on their registry.  The shower in the spring required two vans to get all the stuff out of the conference room and to that nurse's house," I continued.

This is true.  Some make out better than others, but overall, baby showers are given often and well.

She is very materialistic and the thought of a lavish shower seemed to calm her.

"But if you don't want people knowing you are pregnant and you don't want them talking about you, then nobody will be comfortable holding the celebration for you.  It's up to you," I said as I walked away.

"I would get a shower?" she asked.

"Only if you were pregnant and you wanted people to celebrate, which doesn't seem to be the case," I said and continued to walk.

"I am pregnant!" she called out.

"Congratulations!" I called back.

I wonder if she is lying.

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