Monday, August 22, 2016

Good Riddance

One of the doctors was asked to leave.

I am glad to see him go.  He dismisses the patients’ concerns and is easily annoyed by their special needs.

My supervisor always praised him.  She has some brains in her head about nursing and patient care, so I can’t reconcile how she could approve of his actions.

“He is going to be so mad with us,” my supervisor said.  “He’s going to think we let him get fired.”

“I never said anything about him and nobody listens to me anyway,” I offered.

“He’s politically connected,” she whined.  “I hope he doesn’t come after me.  Maybe I can call him and smooth things over.”

As I watched her dialing various numbers and not getting hold of the doctor, I realized how influenced she is by reputations, rumors, and public opinion.  She places no value on actual performance.  This is why she screws me over whenever she can.  She doesn’t think that I have any redeeming value in the eyes of others.

The doctor can’t be politically connected well or he would still be here.

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