Sunday, August 21, 2016

Leaving Early!

“You can go early because you missed lunch,” my supervisor told me.  “Call the office and tell them.”

Two back-to-back doctors caused me to work through lunch.  I was going to eat a snack while I finished the paperwork and then leave at the usual time.  But if she was offering a rare early dismissal, I was taking it.

The secretary of the shift supervisor told me I had to speak to the supervisor directly.  Every supervisor is horrible, but this one is really bad.  “I do not accept,” was her response.  “Your supervisor must call me.”

“I’m not speaking to her,” was my supervisor’s response.  “You already told her and that is good enough.  I don’t need you reporting me because you didn’t get a lunch.”

No matter how long we work together, she will not drop her suspicions about me.

Who would I report her to?  Her friend, the nursing supervisor; or her friend, the human resources director?

I was in a bind.  My immediate supervisor told me to leave early, while the shift supervisor was going to make a big deal of this.  People outside of the nursing department leave early as a routine.  No special circumstances required.

Well, I left early.  I chose the option that left me with extra time.

This event may signal that the evil nursing supervisor is not getting promoted to Director of Nursing.  She was low-key for months, but now can return to making enemies of almost everyone.

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