Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trying to Play the Victim

Nurse Helen is very upset and anxious lately.  One of the administrative nursing Big Wigs is after her.  Helen told me this as if I would have sympathy for her.

Helen’s style of work is to do no work and then report the other nurses for make-believe wrongdoings.

“Is she going after you for always being late, always talking on your phone, or for never having any idea what is going on with any of your patients?” I asked Helen with a concerned look on my face.

Helen doesn’t understand sarcasm.  Or long sentences.

“I don’t know,” Helen babbled.  “I did nothing wrong.”

It’s great that someone is going after Helen finally, but nothing will come of it, other than making Helen nervous for a while.  This is better than no repercussions for her despicable behavior over the years.

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