Saturday, September 24, 2016

Job Interview

Job interview!

On the telephone.  Saved me from having to take a day off for nothing.

I locked myself in a bathroom for the interview.  Not the best environment, but there is no other private spot.

I was offered this rare interview because a friend put a word in for me at the insurance company where he works.  They were looking for nurse case managers for accident claims.

So I described my job as similar to case management, which it is.  It can be a lot of things, but this company needed to hear about my case management experience, so that is what I highlighted.

The deal breaker was this question:  "So why did you pick our insurance company to work for?"

Umm, my friend arranged for this telephone interview and that is how I "picked" you.  But I could not answer like that.  So I said I was looking for a more professional environment to expand my skills and that my friend said the atmosphere of this insurance company was what I was looking for.

Not good enough.  The interviewer, who was not a nurse by the way, wanted to know why I chose this particular insurance company over the other insurance companies in the state.

I didn't have a better answer.  I don't know how any of them treat their employees.  They probably all pay around the same amount and provide the same crappy health insurance.  There aren't a lot of choices for job seekers.  Most applications fall into a black hole.  Every insurance company in the state does not call me to interview.  Actually, this was the first ever.

At least the company sent a follow-up email stating that I did not get the job.

Update from a Retiree

An retired orderly visited the hospital.  He worked at the hospital for over thirty years and left a few months ago.

"Best thing I ever did," he said about leaving the hospital.  "I did not realize how stressful this place was, and all because of sheer nonsense."

We saw this theme before when I bumped into a social worker who quit.  She wasn't old enough to retire and collect a pension or social security, so she took a lower paying job with fewer perks just to escape.

I keep telling myself that it's not that bad.  There are paychecks and health insurance and paid time off.

It's the accusations and pettiness that gets me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Delusions of Grandeur

Someone barged into my little section of the hospital and screamed at my supervisor for talking about her behind her back.  Talking about people is a common accusation and pastime around here.

My supervisor has a sharp tongue when she wants to.  She replied, "I called CNN about you, but they said that you aren't important and nobody cares."

The person stormed off.