Sunday, October 30, 2016

Rousing the Evil Dragon, Part One

Earlier this year I was appointed responsible for emergencies and anything that anyone thinks could be related to an emergency.  I have no authority; I am just supposed to be the scapegoat.

The main witch who spearheaded this effort is a nurse in administration, "Wilma."  A few weeks ago, Wilma forwarded me a string of emails of people's usual lack of knowledge about handling emergencies and finding supplies and forms.  Wilma asked me to explain how people could find certain forms and policies.  One of her responses to an inquirer: "I have no idea where Nurse Enid put them.  One would think that she would make them easily accessible to everyone, but that is not the case."

I replied, "The forms and policies pertaining to emergency services, which you authored, are on the hospital's intranet where you put them."  I sent the email to Wilma, the inquirers, and hospital administration.

Wilma emailed only me.  "What is your problem?" and "You do not have permission to email administrative personnel."

I forwarded Wilma's email to hospital administration with a copy to her so she could see that I did it.

As I left for the day, the director of the hospital was standing in the front of the building.  "What is going on in those emails?" he asked.

I answered cautiously, "It seems that Wilma has forgotten that she drafted a certain policy."

He said, "It's good for her to be reminded of the truth."

I walked away.  It sounded like he was on my side.

Just in time for a code the next day . . .

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