Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Dragon Attacks, Part Four

I was seeing patients with the wound care doctor when Nurse Wilma burst in and chewed out the doctor and me for HIPAA violations, poor infection control procedures, and violating myriad other hospital policies.

(Months ago Wilma had done something similar when I was with this doctor.  Wilma entered the exam room and threw a stack of papers at me.  As they floated through the air and fell to the floor, Wilma said, "I'm saving you the time and trouble of claiming that you are too dense to locate the new forms.  Here they are.")

This latest tirade was performed in front of the patient and was loud enough that a group formed in the doorway to listen.

The doctor finished with the patient and then announced to me, "I'm done.  I don't have to take this."  I followed her off the ward.

Nurse Wilma called after the doctor, "You'll be reported!"

The doctor sent me back for the charts of the patients she saw, plus the ones that she could not see because of Wilma.

In each chart, the doctor wrote that Nurse Wilma prevented her from assessing patients and providing care.  She then called the director of the hospital, reported Wilma's behavior, and said that she expects the incident to be addressed and that if it happens again, she will quit on the spot and that the hospital will never find another specialist to work for such low pay.

I thanked her.

But what will Wilma do for revenge now?

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