Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Dragon Attacks, Part One

After I clarified that administrative nurse Wilma dictates inventory as well as my job duties, she attacked.  And repeated.

The first attack was in email.  At least I have a record.  One of my many duties is to assist the wound care doctor.  The shift supervisor wanted wound measurements on a certain patient to put in her report.  Instead of holding the patient's nurse responsible for this information, the supervisor called me.  Like all the supervisors, she is an idiot.  One of her weaknesses is that she does not understand numbers.  These were especially difficult numbers because decimals were involved.

So I typed the measurements into an email and sent them to her.  Only her.  She could copy and paste them into her report.  More likely, she printed the email and then attempted to transcribe the numbers into her report.  Inaccurately.

The next day, Wilma, the evil administrative nurse, sent me an email, accusing me of withholding clinical information.  Yesterday's shift supervisor, for no logical reason, forwarded my email of wound measurements to a bunch of people, including Wilma.

Later Wilma and I crossed paths.  In front of staff, patients, visitors, and whoever else was in the vicinity, Wilma sternly admonished me for not reporting patient information to her.  I replied, "All information is in the chart."

She ranted to herself:  "You give her very simple, clear directions that a child could follow, yet she doesn't do it.  And when you try to help her, correct her, so that we can take care of the patient, she argues with you and insists that she gets to do whatever she wants to do.  She is out of control."

I walked away.  I knew there would be fall-out because I defended myself about the emergency gone wrong.  I don't know how far she will take this and how many others will follow her.  I doubt that she is in any trouble for the emergency problem, so her attacks on me are pure harassment.

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