Friday, November 11, 2016

The Dragon Attacks, Part Three

Wilma struck again.

One of my (many) jobs is to coordinate transfers into the psych ward from a medical floor.  (An overriding medical problem will prevent a patient from being directly admitted to psych.)

I don't make the actual decision.  That is the job of a doctor ("Doctor X") who oversees these transfers.  I gather information, present to him, and make phone calls to facilitate or deny the transfer.

Wilma, the administrative nurse who has been harassing me, admitted a medically compromised patient to the psych ward in the evening after I left.  I found out the next day when people called to complain about not having necessary supplies and staff trained to deal with the patient's medical issues.

To clarify, Wilma has never had any involvement with this process.  She also does not work evenings.

Doctor X in charge had reviewed the case and denied the transfer to psych, to reevaluate after resolution of medical issues.  He believed me when I explained that I did not have the patient transferred.

Later, the director of the hospital forwarded me an email chain in which Wilma claimed that she had to "step in" because "Nurse Enid once again failed to perform her assigned duties."

I needed a simple, written defense.  "I presented the referral to Dr X, who declined transfer as of yesterday because of the medical problems detailed in previous emails."

Dr X will not respond to anything in writing.  The only person who answered was Wilma.  In an email to me only, she wrote, "You are not permitted to send email" and "This matter does not concern you."  That is her pattern.  She accuses me and then tells me that I am not allowed to speak.

I forwarded her response to me to the director of the hospital.

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