Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Answer is No

One of the nurses helps the patients create artistic displays on the ward for holidays or times of the year.  Often I pick up supplies or decorations to add to the display or the creation of artwork for the display.

An orderly came through my little area of the hospital to socialize with others.  After confirming with her that she was working with the artistic nurse that shift, I asked her to bring a bag of supplies back with her.

"Is this for a patient?" she asked.

"It's for the Valentine Day display," I explained.

"Then I'm not doing it," she said.  "I only do work if it's for a patient.  I don't do personal favors for the staff."

"It's not a personal favor.  It's for a project that the patients are doing," I tried.

"If that nurse wants whatever you have, she can come get it herself or you can bring it to her.  Ain't nothing in my job description that says I have to help people with no art display," she asserted and left.

Wow.  I didn't expect that from this particular person.  I've worked with her many times.  A few years back, she became very ill on a ward where I was the charge nurse.  I dropped everything to take care of her.  She asked me questions and I answered her about the illness she found out she has after lots of tests.  That is all personal and does not directly affect the patients, yet I did this for her and did not assert that "I don't do personal favors for the staff."

She is on the lazy side, even with patient care, though in her mind she may think that she goes above and beyond for the patients.

I do not have the option of claiming that I don't have to do a particular task if it does not directly affect a patient.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Addressing Tone Instead of the Issues

Nurse Helen wrote up one of the good orderlies for positioning himself on the ward where he could not see all the patients at once.  Such a spot does not exist.  Logic also does not exist in this place.

Nurse Helen is a nightmare to work with.

Working with great people is so rare.  In the past, I have protected the good employees when something happened.  If someone needed an extended break, it was no problem.

There are quite a few bad apples on Helen's ward.  Here's the issue:  she would never write them up for any of their daily infractions because they would make work a living hell for Helen.

So instead, Helen targets professionals who will continue to be professional towards Helen even after the write-up.

One of the representatives from the orderlies' union met with Nurse Helen to discuss the write-up.  Their voices were clear through the closed door, so I listened.  It's entertaining.

The union rep is an idiot.  Nurse Helen gave an impressive explanation of her position:  She is the nurse in charge on the ward and she gives directives to promote patient safety and the orderlies need to listen.

The union rep distracted Helen by tone policing her, interrupting her often to tell her to "not be so angry" and "you are too upset to think clearly."  Each time Helen would stop her story and explain, "Yes, of course I'm angry that nobody listens" or "No, I am not upset."  The union rep said that Helen should have handled the situation differently by talking to the orderly "like a friend" and by "asking the orderly to do something instead of telling him to do something."

The union rep finished the meeting by telling Helen that she was being "silly" by wasting everyone's time to process the grievance.

This situation is one of the reasons why this place is so frustrating.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Job Hunting

The search for a New Job continues.

Without success.

A few jobs seemed to be crafted for my set of skills and experiences.  No response.

One place called me about my application for a clinical research nurse.  She explained that I need certification.  This I do not have.

I apply for jobs even if I don't have the experience or certifications specified in the ad because the people who write the ads aren't the people who do the interviewing or hiring and usually have no idea what is needed.  For example, an ad will state that a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing is required, while the next paragraph will specify an Associate's Degree.

Anyway, this person went on to explain that my experience can be used to gain certification as a clinical research nurse.  Trying to play the game, I said that I would pursue certification once hired.

The person explained that she could set me up with an open house and courses to become certified.  At this point, I detected something amiss.  After asking a few questions, the caller admitted that she was not calling on behalf of an employer, but instead she works for some kind of education company.

I was not happy.  One, she got my hopes up.  Two, the ad was fraudulent.

I tracked down the original ad and reported it as fake.

And this is why I still work where I work, in case anyone was wondering.  (And I have not won the lottery.)