Monday, January 9, 2017

Job Hunting

The search for a New Job continues.

Without success.

A few jobs seemed to be crafted for my set of skills and experiences.  No response.

One place called me about my application for a clinical research nurse.  She explained that I need certification.  This I do not have.

I apply for jobs even if I don't have the experience or certifications specified in the ad because the people who write the ads aren't the people who do the interviewing or hiring and usually have no idea what is needed.  For example, an ad will state that a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing is required, while the next paragraph will specify an Associate's Degree.

Anyway, this person went on to explain that my experience can be used to gain certification as a clinical research nurse.  Trying to play the game, I said that I would pursue certification once hired.

The person explained that she could set me up with an open house and courses to become certified.  At this point, I detected something amiss.  After asking a few questions, the caller admitted that she was not calling on behalf of an employer, but instead she works for some kind of education company.

I was not happy.  One, she got my hopes up.  Two, the ad was fraudulent.

I tracked down the original ad and reported it as fake.

And this is why I still work where I work, in case anyone was wondering.  (And I have not won the lottery.)


  1. I know that feeling so well. I sat through a hiring session only to find out that it was selling insurance! I asked multiple times about the position and what I would be doing only to be lied to. It is very frustrating.

  2. Most places do not require the certification to become a clinical research nurse. Just your experience is enough. Look at big teaching facilities that have research foundations attached such as Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic. I got burnt out in hospitals and decided to take it low key so I started as a clinical research coordinator just to get some research experience and went from there. Keep Trying!

    1. Thank you for the information and encouragement!