Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Parking Lot Tirade

Normally my flee to the parking lot after work is my run to freedom.

One of the horrible women who occupies space in my work setting approached me.  She yelled at me that I can’t talk about her and if I have something to say to her to say it to her face.

There were expletives and atrocious grammar violations that I spared you.

She was out last week.  I was floated most of this week.  So we did not cross paths for almost two weeks.  Perhaps the missed daily insults and tirades built up and she had to release it in the parking lot.

I was caught off guard.  Yes, I know she is nasty and loud.  Her allegations made no sense.  At first, I didn’t know if she was attacking me or just talking in her normal tone.  She screamed that I float.

“Yes,” I said cautiously.  (By the way, talking in a low, calm voice does not make her stop screaming.)

Then she started screaming that I’m not allowed to talk about her.

I said nothing further.  I didn’t know if she was going to physically attack.  She’s small, but when someone is that angry and determined, they can have massive physical strength fueled by their strong emotions.  I am still physically weak and injured, so I did not know how well my martial arts training would hold up in a physical altercation.  Plus, she would go to the police with witnesses that I started it, which would be more believable if she ended up more injured than me.

The timing of this outburst coincides with my direct supervisor starting vacation.  Whenever the supervisor is out, this brat becomes nastier and more aggressive towards me.  During my recent absence, the brat bonded with my supervisor.  They redecorated the office.  They do this when I am not there.

It’s them against me.  While some of the people in the hospital are nice, they will not step up to defend me.

My plan is to continue floating somehow in spite of my supervisor’s absence so I can avoid this piece of trash until my supervisor returns and she has to act decent.  I also will not leave before her.  She waits by the time clock to punch out as the clock strikes quitting time.  This particular day, I left promptly to make a doctor’s appointment.  I can’t do that anymore.

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