Monday, March 27, 2017

Planning the Temporary Escape

The director of the hospital told me that I would be receiving an additional assignment that would get me out of my current work area “a few times a week.”

He said this before and it never happened.

The job is some kind of review of documentation or incidents.  I don’t know.  I just want out of my hellhole.

One of the women who works in one of the departments that reviews such stuff saw me later.  (I wander quite a bit to avoid my supervisor and her followers.)  She is computer illiterate.  I impressed her a while back with simple numbers on an excel spreadsheet.  She told me about more numbers that she thinks she needs.  I agreed and suggested more projects, which she accepted as legitimate.  She added that another person in the department is going on maternity leave soon.

My plan is to migrate away from my supervisor and home base and be more of an information gatherer, requiring me to be anywhere in the hospital at anytime.  I would touch base with my supervisor now and then, but merely to tell her how much work I have to do for these review projects with spreadsheets of numbers.  My supervisor is also computer illiterate, so she would have no idea if a project took five minutes or five months.

My plans usually blow up in my face, but if others can get away with being roamers while producing no work, then surely I can be incognito while producing tangible reports, yes?

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