Sunday, March 12, 2017

Raffling Nothing Because Integrity is Gone

As I was leaving one of the wards, I noticed an orderly had set up a table next to the door with colorful papers.  She is not one to do arts and crafts with the patients, so I wondered what she was doing.

"Are you buying a raffle ticket for my birthday?" she said to me.  Not really asking.  More telling.

"What?" I was surprised.

She was annoyed.  "A raffle ticket for my birthday," she said, adding, "Are you deaf?"

I left.  I wanted to answer with something along the lines of, "No, I am not deaf or stupid," but this would have been taken to a higher authority and I would have lost.  Clearly this woman is a bad salesperson as well as a bad employee, but she must have connections in higher places to be allowed to do this nonsense openly.

In the hallway, I saw handwritten ads for her birthday raffle.  The prize was a $50 gift card to some fish restaurant I never heard of.  The main psychiatrist for the ward strolled past me while I was trying to comprehend why an employee would think this behavior is acceptable.

"Doctor," I said, "Are you aware that someone who should be a patient, but is not, is selling raffle tickets for her own personal benefit at the door to your ward?"

He smiled.  "Yes, I am aware.  And you are probably aware that there is nothing I can do about this, and this is not the worst thing that happens around here."

We chuckled and parted ways.

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