Saturday, March 25, 2017

Reminder that the Worst is Yet to Come

For the past several days, I have been covering a different office within the hospital.

So I have not crossed paths with that horrible woman whoscreamed at me in the parking lot.

One of the nurses who is friendly with me asked me for something for a patient.  The problem is that the item is stored in my home base, which is where the nasty woman works.

So I put off the request.  She persisted.  I told her she had to go with me.

I made her rush in and rush out after grabbing the item.

As we walked through the hallways, she observed to me:

-- This woman has yelled at me before and she will do it again.  She hates me for no logical reason and this will not change.

-- Her hatred has festered, not lessened, over the last few months because I escaped her attempt at getting me fired.

-- View her outburst as a warning that she will attack again and it will be worse.

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