Saturday, April 22, 2017

Do As I Say Before I Forget to be Nice

My day off.

Twenty minutes before shift change a nurse calls me.

“There is no one to relieve us.  You need to come in,” she snaps.

For background, this place does not have “on call” nurses.

“Oh, I wish you had called me sooner.  I’m already 70 miles away to visit an old friend,” I chirped.

One of the nurses in the background hollered, “No, we don’t have to give you ADVANCE NOTICE because if you left your house NOW, you could make it.”

That’s one of the things I don’t understand about this place.  They think that they can scream at me to do whatever they want, and when I refuse, they point out that they are correct and I must obey because I am lower than dirt.

That was their plan for inducing me to come into work on my day off so they didn't have to do mandatory overtime?

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