Monday, April 24, 2017

Do Not Volunteer for your Employer

One of the higher nursing administrators sent me an email, asking me to work a health fair next month.  My task would be taking blood pressure readings for members of the public.

No thank you.

Later, this woman sought me out to pressure me.

"It's easy," she said.

"Actually, it's not easy to come to work on my day off and take blood pressures on a long line of strangers," I replied.

I wondered if they expected me to take off a day during the week, or if this would be overtime.  But since I did not want to do it, I did not inquire further.

The following week, someone from social services skipped up to me, asking me for my shirt size because I was "volunteering" at the health fair.

"I am not participating in the health fair," I answered.  "And what do you mean by 'volunteering'?  Why wouldn't I be paid?"

She had no response, but a nosy person nearby chimed in with her unsolicited opinion.

"They never pay people for the health fair.  It says 'volunteers' in the email," she insisted.

"I have my email.  The word 'volunteer' is not in it," I explained.

"Why would you think you would get paid?" she sneered.

"Because my boss approached me at my place of employment and asked me to work at the hospital doing nurse duties.  That's why I would expect to be paid.  This is not a charity," I answered.

It shut her up.


When I was in nursing school, one of the instructors always said, "Don't give it away for free."

I can see donating my time and skills through a charity servicing the poor.  I will not donate my time and skills to my employer.  They don't pay me my worth as it is.

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