Thursday, April 6, 2017

Leave Me Alone Instead

I am finding it easier to call out my supervisor on her behavior.

Most months, she hides the schedule worksheet from me.  She hand delivers it to the other employees with instructions to return to her.  If I ask her for it, she says it did not arrive yet.  If she lets me see it, she has not marked any days off for herself and denies wanting any.  Then, she waits until I schedule a day off, then has a showdown because she wanted the same day.

I overheard her telling the witch, "I'm bringing the schedule worksheet for next month upstairs.  Did you need to change anything?"

When she returned, I asked her if the schedule worksheet was available yet.  She replied, "I just brought it upstairs.  It was hanging up all week for you to fill out," she added snottily.

"You had me work elsewhere all week and forbade me to step foot in this area," I reminded her.

"Oh yeah," she agreed.  "Well, that's okay.  All you have to do is put in a request form."

"You know that requires multiple signatures and advance notice," I said.

Her face revealed that she did not care.

"Is there some reason why you hide the worksheet from me month after month while personally delivering it to all the other employees?"  I said this calmly.

She was flustered.  "That's not what happened."

"So tell me what's really happening."

"I just told you.  You were working somewhere else when the worksheet was available."

"So why didn't you call me on the phone and tell me?" I asked, still calm.

No response.

"It seems like you are playing games to try to hurt me professionally.  You are the manager of this area.  All you have to do is tell your supervisor to take me out of your department, but you continue to not do so.  I have told you this before.  If you insist upon keeping me in your department, it will not be to harass me."

She scurried away.  I shut my door and worked on my computer for the rest of the day.  She will not start treating me well.  I have nobody to turn to for remediation.  Right now the goal is to get her to leave me alone while so I can constructively use my time.

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