Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Opportunity Behind a Closed Door

The witch shuts her office door when I have a parade of patients.  She could help, but it interferes with doing nothing.

Once a month the one doctor she helps sees a few patients.  I see more patients in a week than he sees all year.

My supervisor was out (again).  I took a page out of the witch's handbook: I shut my office door.

Through the shut door I could hear her complaining.  "Who does she think she is, shutting that door so she don't have to help nobody?  Wait til I tell Linda that she refused to help patients."

My supervisor will tell me that I was wrong.  I plan to defend myself by saying that I was on the phone and HIPAA required the door to be shut.

And next time, I will shut my door again.


  1. Wow, that is rough. Some people are in it for the power play. And considering that is your supervisor, little can be done. Btw, I really like your pictures to describe your feelings. Thanks so much for including me on your blog list. I found your blog through my 'referrer' links. Keep up the great work. It's not easy being on the psych ward!