Sunday, April 2, 2017

Singing Instead of Screaming Hate

On a day when my supervisor was actually at work, the witch who occupies space in the area was blasting music.  She sometimes plays music softly when the supervisor is around, but the volume goes up when the supervisor is out.

The first odd thing I noticed that the music was louder than when the supervisor is absent.

Next it started to occur to me that it was the same song over and over.  The words were unclear, but with time and constant repetition I finally deciphered them.  They were something like this:

White bitch, white bitch.
Everybody hates you.
Why don't you get the fuck out of here?

And then it repeated.  No other words or stanzas.  She must have put a clip of a song on a loop and was playing it over and over for my ears.

Or maybe it was just her new favorite song and she could not get enough.

I tested my theory by loudly announcing when I was leaving the area, then allowing the door to slam, but not actually leaving.  Music turned off.  I waited before opening and slamming the door and announcing my return.  Music back on.  I repeated this test a few more times with the same results.

I took lunch and then stayed away for the afternoon by telling my supervisor I was checking supplies on the wards (another job she volunteered me for).

What would you have done?  Keep in mind that I do not work in a normal place.  If I said anything to the player of the music, she would go ballistic and accuse me of violating her cultural beliefs of playing music.  My supervisor would agree that I was harassing her.

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