Monday, April 3, 2017

Sniff Test

For my bothersome arthritic areas, I apply a bit of menthol-based rub.

I stopped doing this before work because the witch who works near me would scream and complain and my supervisor would tell me to stop doing things that upset others.

They both wear perfume and body sprays.  They frequently spray thick air fresheners and always have one plugged into an outlet.  They eat pungent food at their desks and leave the containers in the trash cans to continue permeating the area.

I figured that fighting her vehement protestation of my arthritis cream by pointing out the odors that she herself brings into the workplace would be met with accusations of cultural insensitivity.  Plus, hospital policy prohibits strong bodily scents.  This rule would be used against me, not her.

At the time, I was more naive and did not realize that her behavior had nothing to do with the scent and everything to do with the wearer.

Now that I see her for the nasty person she is, I put the arthritic cream to the test.  I detected the menthol odor on an orderly hanging out in the hallway after dropping off a patient.  Making small talk, I stood near him.

The witch finally passed by.  She started screaming, "Oh my God!  That's disgusting!  Who the hell wears BenGay when other people have to smell it?  Don't you give a damn about the other people who have to smell your nasty ass?"

The patients and employees in the area stared at us.

The orderly became very upset.  He had trouble getting out his words.  "I'm sorry," he stammered.  "My back was bothering me this morning, so I put on just a little.  I didn't realize everyone was bothered by it."

She was thrown off.  She quietly said, "Oh, that was you?  That's okay.  I thought it was somebody else."

"What was all that for?" he called after her, but she kept walking.

I think I will go back to wearing menthol rub.

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