Saturday, May 27, 2017

Consistent Misbehavior

Nursing is a small world.  You might leave a job, but you can never leave all of your coworkers behind at that job.

I was shopping at a food store (essentials only- no spare cash here) when I bumped into a nurse I worked with a lifetime ago.  We reviewed who died since we last saw each other.

Then we declared where we currently worked.  She asked if I work with Nurse Helen.  I confirmed.  We both smiled.  I said, "I wondered where else Helen worked.  She would never tell me.  Does she work there every day?  Because that is her excuse for needing to leave early every day," I said.

The other nurse smiled.  "No, she doesn't work with us every day.  As a matter of fact, she always has to leave early," the other nurse informed me.

"Is she always on her phone?" I asked.

"Yes!" the other nurse joked.  "And she shirks all responsibility."

"Same when she is with me!" I laughed.

It's good to have this information.

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