Friday, May 19, 2017

Prejudice Preventing Care

I took report from a nurse.  She's a train wreck, as were most of the patients.  Nothing unusual.

But here's the part that angered me.

She said that a male patient complained about a painful lump on his butt.

"Your assessment is in the chart?" I asked.  "I'll reassess to see if it is worsening until I can locate the doctor."

She glared at me.  "He is a HOMOSEXUAL!" she scolded me.  "He is only saying that to get people to look at his butt."

"Are you saying that you denied care to a patient based on his sexual orientation?" I shot back at her.

"He is lying!" she announced.

"How would you know?  You didn't even look at the patient!" I countered.

"I don't have to," she muttered.  "I am married.  I have a husband.  I cannot be looking at another man."

"You are a medical professional, supposedly," I clearly said to her.  "You need to find a new profession if you think that looking at a patient's body is a violation of your marriage."

"It is against the Bible and God," she declared.

"You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of homosexual men," I said.  "I won't even broach your misplaced reliance on God at this time.  We are female.  The doctor is female.  The patient gets no thrill out of women looking at him."

The other nurse stood there defiantly.

"What is wrong with you?" I added.

She left.

Now for the record, if a heterosexual patient had a physical complaint, she probably would not have assessed the patient.  She is lazy and has no nursing or people skills.  If the painful lump were on the nose, she would not have bothered to look.

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