Saturday, May 6, 2017

Transitioning Out of Nursing, Please

Someone suggested that I apply for healthcare management jobs in a state where I am not licensed as a nurse.  This way, they can’t redirect my application from management to working the crisis unit graveyard shift.

So far, I have had zero responses.  But I’m counting this as good.

Rarely does someone call me about my application.  If I do get called, it’s to work in hell as a nurse, even though I applied for a completely different position.

It is futile to try to convince the person that I was not looking to work as a floor nurse, but rather in something that does not require manual labor.

At this point, my view on nursing is that it’s heavy physical labor.  They put you on a pedestal- the most beloved profession, selfless, caring.  Then they crucify you when you don’t fill a patient’s drink order immediately because you were busy doing CPR to save someone’s life.  Or fire you when a patient falls and breaks a hip because you were in another room helping one of the other dozens of patients.

I’m a nurse, not a robot.

And I am done.

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