Tuesday, May 16, 2017

When You Should Leave that Door Shut

Somehow I have been required to attend the daily nursing meeting.

I am the only one there who is not in charge of anything, which makes me feel very out of place.

In addition, last year I accidentally attended the meeting and administrative Nurse Wilma spiraled into a tirade.

My immediate supervisor, Linda, obediently runs to the meeting every morning, chastising me to "not be late."  I would rather stay behind and enjoy twenty minutes without her.

For the meetings I attended, I "leaned in," sitting next to the medical director.  But I didn't open my mouth.  Not even once.

Well, I've attended my last meeting.

The door to the room stays open because people come in and out throughout the meeting as they get called away.  Nurse Wilma usually sits near the door.

As I approached the doorway to enter, she slammed the door shut in my face.


I jumped back, otherwise, the door would have hit me.  I lamented not being bigger and stronger.  I could have stopped the door with my strong foot and then quickly flung it open, smacking Nurse Wilma in the face instead.

But I'm not big and strong.  I'm little old me.  I heard Nurse Wilma laughing, indicating that she did this on purpose and thought it funny.  I tried the door handle.  Locked.  I heard the medical director call out, "Open the door and let her in!"

So I scooted out of there.  I was halfway down the hall when I heard Nurse Wilma open the door and declare, "She's not out here."

I ducked into a room so nobody would see me if they poked their head out of the meeting room.

For the rest of the morning, I flitted around the hospital, checking on charts- one of my latest additional assignments.

As I left for lunch, my supervisor, Linda, questioned my whereabouts.

"After being physically ousted from the meeting, I worked on one of my other assignments," I said.

"Oh, yeah, I saw Wilma shut the door on you," Linda confirmed.

"Why didn't you open the door and let me in?  I was a few steps behind you," I questioned, just to make her uncomfortable.

"I am not the one who shut the door," Linda replied.  "What did you expect me to do?"

"Laugh right along with Wilma is what I expected of you," I said as I left for lunch.

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