Thursday, May 4, 2017

You Get a Paycheck for This

“You owe me,” two different employees told me this week under two different circumstances.

Strange coincidence?

The first was the woman who does payroll.  It is May, and I have yet to be paid any of my overtime for the entire year.  That’s four missing months.  The woman claimed I would have my (past-due) overtime pay in the next check.

Spoiler alert:  The check was still missing the four months of overtime.

The other person processed an invoice so that a patient could receive a piece of medical equipment that was ordered last year.

In both instances, these people were doing their jobs.  They were not doing me a personal favor.  So it stuck out that they both approached me with the same phrase in the same week.

I don’t answer the phone, “Hello.  You owe me for answering the phone.  What do you want, for which you will also owe me?”

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