Friday, June 9, 2017

All Eyes on Me

I escorted a new admission to the secured ward where Nurse Helen was assigned.

As soon as she saw the patient and me, she started crying to the supervisor who was nearby, "Why can't Enid do it?  She has no work.  It's not fair.  She does nothing.  Tell her to do the admission!"

Meanwhile, another horrible nurse started calling my name from across the room.  "Enid!  Enid!  Enid!"  I looked over at her.  "Can you let me into this room?"

"You don't have a key?" I shouted back.

"I forgot it inside this room," she responded.

"Why are you asking me?" I continued the game.  "There are at least five orderlies in between you and me.  Why can't one of them let you into the room?"

She said nothing.

"Why can't the people inside that room let you back in?" I continued.  "Are you telling me that you knocked on the door and everyone inside ignored you?"

Of course she hadn't knocked on the door or asked someone next to the door to let her in.  Just like Nurse Helen, she could focus only on me.


But I was proud of myself for holding my ground.

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