Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another Hat I Wear

I don't understand the fixation on my wearing a hat.

I am not the only person who wears a hat.  There is nothing unusual about my hat.  I wear a warm hat in the cold and a hat with a brim when it's sunny.

"There you are in your hat!" one of the orderlies cooed in the parking lot.

I stared at her.  For the record, she is not well-balanced.

"Oh!  That's right.  You said there's a reason why you wear it."  She paused, trying to think.  "To protect your heart!" she declared.

"My eyes!" I corrected her.

"Your eyes?" she said, confused.  "How would a hat protect your eyes?  And what would your eyes need protection from?"

"The sun," I answered.

Still confused.  "But we need the sun," she tried.  "That can't be why you would wear a hat."

"Sure it is," I insisted.  "How could a hat protect someone's heart?"

"How would I know?" she answered.  "You're the one who is wearing the hat."

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