Thursday, June 8, 2017

Careless Planning

I'm getting good at seeing the nonsense for what it is.

Some of the higher-ups met with me and said I was (finally) being moved out of my current department.  I requested this last year when my supervisor staged a set-up to get me fired.

Let's not get excited.  I've heard this before.

The Details:  There is no time frame for this move, but my new assignments begin immediately, while my existing workload will remain my responsibility.

"So this is adding more work and not actually granting my request for a transfer?" I asked to confirm.

They fidgeted.  "Well," one of them offered, "You are so great at what you do, so we need you to advise us on modifying care plans."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"Give suggestions on how to improve them," was the answer.

I didn't prolong the meeting.  Whatever they want from me, they won't say directly.

Later I bumped into the secretary of one of the women from the meeting.

"Did they tell you that they expect you to fix every care plan?" she asked.

"Not in those words," I answered.

"Yeah, we had a meeting earlier today and someone suggested that you be given the assignment of doing care plans because the nurses aren't filling them out or updating them," she explained.  "They said, 'Get Enid involved.  She loves to fix things.'"

They spoke as if I would be altering the format of the care plans, not actually doing them myself.  That's what they meant by 'modify.'  Writing the content of the care plans for each individual patient. This is not possible.  I don't know each patient.  There are hundreds of patients.  The nurses taking care of the patient have to write the care plan based on the individual patient's needs and goals and update them when a new problem arises.

They are sneaky.  They did the same thing with emergency services, first pretending that they wanted me to improve the policy when all they wanted was for me to take blame for incidents.

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