Thursday, June 1, 2017

I Nothing You

One of the administrative nurses, Natalie, tried dumping a hopeless paperwork project on me.  Only my direct supervisor is my boss, so the technique is for the dumper to command me through my supervisor.

“Oh just do it and hush!” my supervisor told me.

Well, I didn’t.

My supervisor and/or Natalie reported me to one of the big wigs, who ambushed me one afternoon.

I remained calm.  I briefly explained that I do not work in the department that is claiming that I did not do an assignment.

The big wig appeared disinterested.  “Oh, okay, so don’t do their work then,” she grumbled, and left.

That went well? I wondered.

Soon Natalie called.  “I understand that you did not do the assignment and that you are upset with me,” she started.  “This is only paperwork.  There is nothing to get emotional about.”

This place has taught me how to twist a story as well.  “I have no emotional connection to you,” I responded coldly.

She fumbled for words.  “Oh, well, I mean, you are upset about the paperwork,” she tried.

“I have no emotional connection to any inanimate object,” I replied, colder than before.

Logical, right?  If I have no emotional connection to a living person, then how could I to a non-living thing?

“So are you going to do the paperwork, or not?” Natalie continued.

“No,” I answered firmly.

She started huffing.  “It needs to get done.  I have too much work.  You can do it.  You have nothing to do.  You can do it fast if you wanted to.  You make problems for people.”

I interrupted her.  “Natalie, you sound upset and emotional.  I’m going to let you stop here so you can gain control over yourself.”

Then I hung up. 

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