Monday, September 4, 2017

And Just Like That . . .

I feel like a helpless idiot.

For years I have covered a department within the hospital a few days per month on average.  Any nurse when covering this department gets a few dollars extra per hour.

The Director of Nursing called me into her office and told me that someone in payroll reviewed me and that I would no longer be receiving the extra money because "it's your job and you shouldn't get paid extra to do your job."

"Just me, or all the nurses who cover?" I asked.

"Just you," the Director said.

"Since when did it become my job, especially since I have had no raise to bring me anywhere near what that department pays its regular nurses?" I tried.

"Listen," she said, "I know you are mad.  But there were emails.  The director of the hospital agrees, as does your union."

Of course my union was consulted and agreed to screw me over.  "Take money away from Nurse Enid?  Wonderful!  Where do we sign?" was probably their reaction.

"I never got any emails about this," I said.

"Not you.  Other people emailed and made this decision," she explained.

"Could I have copies for my grievance?" I asked.

She didn't say anything.

"I'm grieving this.  You can't take money away from me, especially when you're not doing it to anyone else," I told her.

I am reminded of the clerk who got a bad annual review, which would result in no merit raise.  She ranted and complained and filed grievances until the review was amended so she would get a raise.  Years later, another nurse manager unknowingly gave her a bad annual review.  The supervisor reversed it immediately.

This is what makes me upset.  I do a good job.  This clerk did not.  I'm not asking for anything extra.  I'm asking to keep the money I'm already earning.  The hospital would not do this to that clerk because she would harass them until they reversed their decision.

I guess I have to do the same.

When others hear about this, which they always do, I will look like more of a pushover.  "They could never do that to me" will be said to me by people I barely know.


  1. I stumbled on your website by accident (looking for a site I heard a lawyer adversing on tv say as "ignored in a nursing" which I am not able to find but found you instead. You are my trivial boost in the middle of the night (when I have been sulking because I am realizing--for the 1st time in my life--that a number of other people hate me for no legitimate reason, especially mongrels in authority, and that that is the way the real world works. I am just taking that ugly fact to heart, and my just now happening to stumble upon a site of a person with a similar dilemma "coincidentally" serves to confirm that this condition of unmitigated personality bias is greatly prevalent--and much destructive--in our culture as an autocratic means of harassment of certain individuals (against people the authorities take a dislike towards). And in the workplace(s), as in you r case, this harassment can rise to the level of torture where it effects one's stability and well-being far beyond/outside of the workplace.

    In my case a similar version of this personality bias--a kind of jealousy--led to my being unfairly and harmfully evicted from an assisted living nursing home--for nebulous reasons, while at same time, denied by the MD Dept of Agimg, any right to appeal whatsoever.
    This was two years ago and I am still suffering from the experience.
    So I know Nurse Enid, somewhat, what you have been going through.

    I submit that these autocratic sadists who are responsible for so much pain of innocent persons, should be removed from their posts of responsibility, their jobs.

    Douglas in Columbia, MD

    1. Doug, I am sorry to read that you are having a tough time. I hope that you can find support, online or otherwise. You are not alone in your struggles.