Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Paying my Employer

I'm still upset about my wage reduction.

My prior challenge failed and I was threatened to be transferred to a ward.

I took some time to gather my evidence: prior paychecks, correspondence, and the union contract.

I think I have a solid case that I was never given the salary advertised for my position and that the hospital owes me back pay of $15,000 for the past three years.

I visited payroll to clarify which rubric in the union contract was my payscale.  The lowest. The woman insisted that I should not get paid extra for doing my job.

"Why are other nurses paid extra for doing extra jobs?" I tried.

"Because it's not a part of their role as a nurse," she answered.

"Why is every office and task my job?" I asked.

She insisted that the original posting for my office job counts as a job description, clearly stating that I can be assigned "related tasks." She promised to review my rate of pay.

Shortly after leaving, she sent an email that she reviewed my pay and that I owe the hospital over $2000 for the pay overage. RETALIATION AGAIN?

I was devastated. They didn't notice that they "overpaid" me for two years? This is a worse blow to my morale than the reduction in pay.

I challenged them again. I wrote back that my salary was supposed to be increased to a nurse manager as per the job posting (which I have), so the hospital actually owes me in excess of $15,000.

I had to push this. They would not do this to other people. They expect me to merely accept this. Well, I have other uses for $2000 besides paying my employer. It's like working for free for two weeks.


  1. Each state has a wage board that looks into these things. Find the name of this department in your state and educate yourself. Best of luck

    1. Yes, but I am unionized, so I have to utilize the complaint process specified in the contract.