Thursday, December 28, 2017

It's Not You, It's Us

Happy Holidays!

Sorry I have not been posting.

I am exhausted. I have no idea why.

On the job front, not much has changed. The union continues to talk in circles about my "lateness" in filing a grievance to block the hospital's intended salary cut and repayment.

Four months have come and gone and nothing has been accomplished. That is how things work, or do not work, in this place.

A career coach reviewed my resume, current situation, and goals.

"You will never get another job," was his assessment of me. "You sound weird. You are good where you are because everyone there sounds really weird, so you fit in."

"But I was not like this originally," I explained, to no avail. "They made me weird. They made me defensive. I'm not like them. They are mean and unprofessional."

"No," he reinforced. "You are exactly like your coworkers or they would have gotten rid of you a long time ago."

Have I turned into the same monsters I fight? Was I always like this?

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